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Set Up for Study Success with This Secret


So whether you homeschool or traditional school or even if you are just an easily distracted adult this tip is for you!

I first heard this masterful idea from Seth Perler during the Bright and Quirky Kid Online Summit.

It’s the idea of creating a “Sacred Study Space” but he adapts it to the digital environment too. The idea is to use a completely different online browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc) than what you use typically. You can also adapt this to sign into your computer under a different log-in setup.

So when you get ready to start your school day turn on your computer and launch this new browser.

In this new browser, you set it to open with tabs needed for school such as your school’s online portal, your calendar, your email (if appropriate) and any other online resources that you may use regularly such as Khan Academy or Compass Classroom.

Now when you launch, you aren’t distracted by your favorite newspage or video game message. This change also signals your brain that you are in focus mode.

How to Set Up Home Page on Firefox


Note: Where it says “Use Current Pages” you can open the tabs you want available and then select this option.

How to Set Up Home Page on Google Chrome



If you have Safari or Internet Explorer, check out this guide.

You can also set up this browser to block certain sites that might be big distractions during study time.

So, did you set up a “Sacred Study Space”? How is it helping you?


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