3 Veterans Day Online Lessons

1) NEA Veterans Day Activities

The NEA offers a variety of lessons for K-12 students including a look at wartime poetry,women aviators, and the relationship between love and war.

2) Veterans Day and the Meaning of Sacrifice


From PBS NewsHour, this lesson explores the meaning of sacrifice through a variety of video excerpts about issues facing veterans today including lack of medical care, family issues and more. Appropriate for middle and high school.


3) Library of Congress Veterans History Project


The Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress collects first-hand accounts in audio and video as well as artifacts from America’s military history. You can view or hear testimony of veterans from many American wars.  One collection shares stories of veterans describing life in the military after it was desegregated while another shares stories from photos taken during the Vietnam War. Students can also be a vital part of the project conducting interviews to add to the collection following its guidelines.

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