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6 Free No-Tech Holiday Travel Games

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Are you planning a long car ride in the next few days? Try these No-Tech Holiday Travel Games!

Holiday travel can wear out even the most lively elf. Sometimes plugging in the kids to devices seems the best way to keep family harmony, but it isn’t what we really want.

We are fortunate that our family is mostly close by, but my children did take a very long cross country trip with grandparents last summer. I gathered up a bunch of printable and no-tech travel games for them to try out. Here are some of their favorites and a few with a holiday twist.

1. The Letter Game

This is a “no-brainer” but surprisingly entertaining holiday travel game. Everyone has to play! Start with A and locate each letter in the alphabet on roadside signs and vehicles as you make your way to grandma’s house. We don’t use license plates to make it a little more challenging. Other ways to play include thinking of words for each letter or names.

2. Fortunately, Unfortunately

This is a storytelling game.  One person begins a story: “Fortunately, Santa Claus loaded up his sleigh to set out to deliver presents.”  The next person adds and “Unfortunately” twist: “Unfortunately, one of the reindeer was feeling sick.” The story alternates back and forth among players as they create new scenarios to fix things or mess things up.

3. Printable Games is a great source for printable games and worksheets. They have a selection of winter and holiday themed ideas. I like to put these in a sheet protector so they can be reused. I also like to print up one with blank tic-tac-toe boards and hangman.

Here is one to get you started from our friends at

The snow is falling so let’s have fun using our searching skills to find these winter words. For more learning resources like this check out!

Answer Key

4. Scavenger Hunt

There are many variations on this theme including printable license plate hunts, and these lists for younger and older children.

5.Would You Rather?

“Would you rather have a million dollars or live to 100?”  This game lets you really get to know your family. You can make up your own list, buy this one, or use this free set from The Measured Mom.

6. Free Christmas Audiobooks

While not strictly “no tech” games, audiobooks are a great way to pass the time when traveling. Here a few great ideas available from Librivox (one of my 8 ways to read free books).

Birds Christmas Carol

The Birds Christmas Carol by Kate Douglas Wiggin


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

(There are 10+ editions if you prefer a different reader.)


Librivox Christmas Short Works Collection

The Story of the Other Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke

Fireside Christmas Short Stories (includes Gift of the Magi, The Story of St. Nicholas and others)


Wherever you travel this Christmas season, Tech Savvy Homeschool wishes you a safe and happy holiday.  Look for our Best Books of 2018 post before the new year and a Tech Habits for the New Year series in January.

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