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Best Science Podcasts for Your Future Einstein or Edison

Science podcasts are awesome!

I love to listen to all kinds of podcasts as I walk in my neighborhood. My son also loves to listen to podcasts on his Google Home at bedtime. “Hey Google, play “BirdNote” podcast!”

If you are a fan of nature, technology, space and how the brain works, here are a few science podcasts that will be right up your alley:

Best Science Podcasts

1.FTFY: Fixed That For You


Do you make, break, and tinker with things? Are you a seeker of unconventional wisdom? Do you think in algorithms? This brand new podcast about people using data, algorithms,  and engineering to solve problems is a lot of fun. The first episode of Fixed That For You features a clever teen and his innovative solution to a deadly problem in India. (Note:Be careful if you search for this one as there is an older podcast with the same title.)

2. Invisibilia

This show examines the hidden forces that influence human behavior. “Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently”  See also Hidden Brain.

3. SciFri

The podcast for ScienceFriday— public radio’s science show– has been sharing science insights and interviews since 1991. It is the granddaddy of all science podcasts and a must listen for anyone serious about science.

4. Houston We Have a Podcast


From the folks at NASA, this out-of-this-world science podcast features guests from around the space science world. NASA actually has several podcasts including ones focused on space, space travel, technology and engineering here. 

5. Outside/In


For nature lovers, this science podcast is for you.  It is a show about the natural world and how we use it. Including episodes on Mexican salamanders, recycling problems and bike riding, there is a little something for everyone.

6. BBC Discovery


Science + British accents=awesomeness!  This half-hour science podcasts delves into different topics weekly. With a catalog of more than 500 episodes feel free to binge listen!

7. Wow in the World


Exploding ants and melting ice cream are just a few of the topics covered on Wow in the World, a science podcast for curious families from NPR.

8. American Birding Podcast


Bird lovers rejoice! The National Audubon Society ranks this podcast from the American Birding Association in its top ten. Featuring rare bird sightings as well as interviews with birders and scientist, this podcast has something for bird-lovers everywhere. You might also like BirdNote, a daily 2-minute podcast that tells “vivid, sound rich stories” about birds.


There are many more things to explore in the world of science podcasts but these are my favorite picks for kids and families who are interested in science.

Do you have a favorite science podcast? Leave a comment below! 


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