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Why You Should Watch The Bright & Quirky Child Summit

Today is the start of the FREE 2019 Bright & Quirky Child Summit over on therapist Debbie Steinberg Kuntz’ site.

The Bright & Quirky Child Summit hosts a lineup of nearly 30 education and parenting experts in video segments on a wide range of topics including parenting kids with ADHD, 2e (twice-exceptional), dyslexia or other learning differences.

The online conference is free Jan 28-Feb 3 with each day’s videos available for 24 hours. You can buy an all-access pass to enjoy the content anytime as well.

The Bright & Quirky website alone is a wonderful resource with info and links to top experts on topics of parenting, giftedness, ADHD, executive function, managing emotions and much more!

As the parent of a 2E kid, it was like finding a place to call home. Hearing the experts describe children like my son was so refreshing and helpful. Many of the speakers are themselves people who grew up with various learning differences that have gone on to thrive.

2e is a very nichey thing effecting less than 1% of the population under 18. If you’ve got a 2e child, chances are you feel like many of the parents I work with – isolated on a journey most people don’t understand, frustrated that typical parenting strategies don’t work,  feeling the pain of your child not fitting in with friends or academically, and exhausted trying to bring more calm and peace at home. — Debbie Steinberg Kuntz

No matter what your child is like as a learner, there are helpful tips for everyone in this conference. 

Some of my favorite speakers last year were:

  • Dr. Scott Kauffman on The (2e) Recipe for Personal Greatness
  • Austin DeBonte on What Parents Need to Know About Gifted Kids
  • Tina Payne Bryson on The Yes Brain
  • Ross Greene on Team with Your Child to Solve Challenging Behaviors
  • Seth Perler on Executive Function Master Class


Many of these speakers are returning this year along with other experts. See the full list of Bright & Quirky Child experts here.

from Bright & Quirky Kids Conference


Here are a few of my takeaways from last year:

• Fall in love with a future vision of self– Scott Kauffman

• Comfort and support makes [your kids] tougher and more resilient. Connect and redirect. — Tina Payne Bryson

• The whole point of discipline is to teach children to self-discipline. — Tina Payne Bryson

• Anxiety is a monster trying to trick you and keep you from being your best. — Dan Peters

• Everything is “figure-out-able” — Barb Oakley


I also have pages and pages of notes of practical, hands-on ideas to use with my child. The Bright & Quirky Child Summit is well-worth your time and money. I encourage you to check it out!


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