Weekend Links

Weekend Links – February 16 2019

I find so many wonderful links each week and they aren’t all post-worthy but I don’t want anyone to miss out so I will be rounding up some of my favorites to share as weekend links on Fridays or Saturdays or whenever I get around to it. LOL.

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Weekend Links

Opportunity Bites the Dust



“my battery is low and it’s getting dark”. — that was the last message received from Oppy. Is it getting dusty in here?

This week Mars rover Opportunity was pronounced dead after it lost contact with NASA in June due to a dust storm. It was only supposed to be operational for 90 days but it lasted for 15 years. That’s a good run!  Read more here 


Mother Culture Book Club


I posted my first pick in my Mother Culture Book Club feature. If you want to join me, just post in the comments your thoughts about the book or discuss on my Facebook post. Read more about my first pick A Light So Lovely: The Spiritual Legacy of Madeleine L’Engle by Sarah Arthur.


Tales from Shakespeare’s Charles Lamb


This week was the birthday of Charles Lamb, who wrote Tales from Shakespeare with his sister. I read this article in the Guardian and discovered some things I did NOT know about the author.

“In the autumn of 1796, at the age of 21, Charles Lamb, a city clerk with a lifelong stutter, came home from his desk at the East India Company to find that his sister, Mary, had stabbed their mother to death in a mad seizure.”

Check it out here. 


Formation of Character


Karen Glass and Anne White blogged their way through Charlotte Mason’s Formation of Character (book 5 of the original series). You can catch all the posts and audio chats on her blog now.  Follow along on Karen’s blog.


Free STEM Role Model Posters


Download free posts of women who are making a difference in STEM careers from the Nevertheless podcast.  Get yours here. 

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