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Homeschool Planning Online: A Review of Flexible Homeschool App

Product review: I received a 6-month subscription in exchange for an honest review of this product for homeschool planning online. Read below to get your own 2-month trial just for my readers. 

Flexible Homeschool App is a web-based application for homeschool planning online and for tracking your family’s homeschool progress.  It was developed by Philip and Lanaya Gore who have been homeschooling their four children for more than 10 years.

Lanaya Gore may be familiar to you as the author of several Charlotte Mason related titles such as “Laying Down the Rails for Children” and “Delightful Reading” on Simply Charlotte Mason.




Flexible Homeschool App is designed to flow with your family’s schedule and track your progress along milestones you define.

My family has largely gotten by with a few printed spreadsheets and a trusty lil’ notebook for tracking and assigning work. However, we are about to enter the high school years and so keeping track of time and assignments is about to get a lot more important to me. I like the idea of homeschool planning online as it seems the most efficient.

Currently I am only homeschooling one child so while I need to improve my systems, a multi-student family would benefit even more from Flexible Homeschool App in my opinion.

Benefits of Flexible Homeschool App

‣ Plan with flexible timeframes, not rigid dates and times.
‣ The app can handle each child’s personal pace without extra work.
‣ Spontaneously break from school without extra effort.
‣ No alerts screaming that you’re falling behind.
‣ No piling up supposedly overdue work.
‣ Record what you actually did, when you did it and how long it took you to do it.
‣ Create beautifully formatted, customizable and printable reports for your records. (Read more)

What I Learned When I Used Flexible Homeschool App for One Month

Flexible Homeschool App is easy to set up for homeschool planning online. They offer multiple tutorial videos on their website that really break it down to make it super simple to enter students and schoolwork.

They also have a feature where you can track resources such as books but also websites and other forms too that you use in your homeschool curriculum. In addition, you can enter as little or as much info as you want about each resource and even keep track of what you need to buy.

This is helpful in particular for families that might use the same resource several years in a row for different children because you can enter the info once.

After you set up each student, you then set up each school work item.  You have to divide the work over the length of the term. For example, if you want to read 6 chapters over a 12 week term you could schedule one chapter every other week or do a segment of a “half chapter” every week.

I discovered as time went on that I often split our chapters in 2 but I only had assigned one segment per week. I easily went back and edited the school work to have more segments so I could assign the same book twice in one week.

The Tracking Feature allows you to assign current work as “do next” and then enter details and mark “complete” at day’s end. Ideally, your child will do this depending on age. I had trouble getting my kid to remember because it was a new habit for him.  Over time I’m sure he would adapt. It isn’t hard although I did wish there was an option to “mark all” for the selected items that day rather than having to click on each one.

At any time you can review the progress made, including time spent on each resource, if you have entered in that info.

At a glance, you can see how far you have made progress in each subject you have assigned and total time as well.

This reporting feature would be very helpful for someone with multiple children to have a regular record of where they stood.

Things I Liked about Flexible Homeschool App:

It is easy to set-up initially and truly is “flexible” so you can enter as much or as little info as you prefer. Also the tutorial videos and onscreen help are very simple and clear.

The true benefit of homeschool planning online with a program like Flexible Homeschool App is that it is accessible in real time from any device. I can see it on my computer or phone while my son is working on a tablet. This flexibility is one of its best features because you aren’t limited to just your phone or just your desktop to check progress or make changes.

The reporting features are great if you are required to have a certain number of hours to obtain a credit or “seat time.”

Also you can adjust what you see on the report so you can leave off information that you are not tracking. When I first printed a report with everything it was 12 pages long, however, if I removed the features I wasn’t tracking, like time statistics, it was much more usable.


Things I Would Like To See:

I would like the option to be able to enter all the specific assignments at once (or once a term) rather than daily. The general set up has you write “read a chapter” or some basic assignment but is not specific to the week. I would like to be able to enter in all the assignments at one time.

However, Flexible Homeschool App is designed to be flexible and if I am more specific with my assignments then I run the risk of having to shift lots of things as time goes on. In this case, there is value in less detail as you can add it on a day-to-day basis if desired.

I would like a “mark all” complete option and/or an option to assign multiple items as “do next” at the same time.

There is no way to export the data from the program so if you decide to stop the info is stored (or “paused”) until you return but not accessible except from printed reports.


How to Get Started with Flexible Homeschool App

Flexible Homeschool App is $10/month for unlimited access to all program features and from any device or platform for homeschool planning online.

You can get a 30 day trial for just $1. 

TechSavvy Homeschool Readers can get a special 2-month trial for $1 by using this code: techsavvy.

Try it out today!


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  1. I do not plan to homeschool my kids unless it’s just absolutely necessary but I can see how an app like this is really helpful.

  2. What a great app! I need to be more organized in general, and I can’t imagine homeschooling without some help from an app. Thanks for sharing this!

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