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Books for Anxious Kids and Tweens

Mental health awareness is important for everyone– including parents and kids. These books for anxious kids and tweens will help you start the conversation.

Did you know that 1 in 5 people will have a mental health disorder in their life? This means that someone you love or you will face this challenge.

Take a look at this chart from the CDC about mental health disorders in children and teens.

It’s time to #endthestigma!

It needs to be ok that we aren’t always ok. Part of raising awareness and building mental health begins with our children.

We need to teach them the vocabulary of mental health so they can recognize what they are experiencing physically, mentally and emotionally.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Today I want to share some books for anxious kids and tweens.

These books will help you and your child have an honest conversation about feelings of anxiety and other issues. Talking about mental health is an important first step! Learn more about parenting an anxious child.

For more information, visit the National Institute of Mental Health. 

Books for Anxious Kids

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine

Help your child feel more in control of their worries with this fun read about a serious topic.

Worry Says What?

Learn how to silence the worry in your mind with this book by the author of Why Smart Kids Worry.

The Good Egg

If you or your child struggle with perfectionism, this is a great book to learn how to love yourself and others.

When Sadness is at Your Door

This beautiful book helps children address their sad feelings and learn to accept them rather than trying to “get rid” of them. Learn to treat sadness as a guest.

Books for Anxious Tweens

Stanley Will Probably Be Fine

Sixth grader Stanley faces his anxiety and sensory issues to overcome a superhero-sized challenge at his local comic-con.


If middle school were a race, Joseph Friedman wouldn’t even be in last place—he’d be on the sidelines. With an overactive mind and phobias of everything from hard-boiled eggs to gargoyles, he struggles to understand his classes, let alone his fellow classmates.

Finding Perfect

Molly is coping with a lot of change. Unfortunately, she is spinning more out of control as she tries to make things perfect so her mother will come home. (OCD)

The Goldfish Boy

Matthew Corbin suffers from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. When a toddler staying next door goes missing, it becomes apparent that Matthew was the last person to see him alive. Suddenly, Matthew finds himself at the center of a high-stakes mystery, and every one of his neighbors is a suspect.

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What are your favorite resources for children’s mental health? Do you have any favorite books to share?

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5 thoughts on “Books for Anxious Kids and Tweens

  1. Wow this is very eye opening, I didn’t really think about kids suffering from anxiety disorders! What a great list of books to help with that.

  2. Its scary to think how much the world has changed and the kind of things our littles are dealing with these days. These are wonderful book suggestions! I hadn’t heard of a lot of these before.

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